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— Мир стонет… Никому нельзя верить.
— А может быть, как раз недоверие всему виной?

Если хочешь заслужить доверие, то надо научиться его проявлять.

Мы можем порвать друг друга на куски. А можем забыть вражду и построить лучший мир.

Я так увлеклась спасением мира, что ничего сегодня не ела.

Здесь, как групповая работа у школьников. Неважно, отстающий ты или нет. Все равно в конце поставят всем одинаковые оценки.

На свете мало невозможного. Сложнее всего сделать самый первый шаг.

Я сама прыткость, когда вокруг жидкость.

Дорогие посетители, держитесь за столики. Наш ресторан отходит.

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Райя и последний дракон

Райя и последний дракон


  • Sisu: Also, you broke the gem!
  • Raya: But I still have a big chunk of it though.
  • Sisu: Is that supposed to make me feel better? If you lost a puppy, and I said, well, we still have a big chunk of it. Would that make you feel better?
  • Sisu: I’m going to be real with you, alright? I’m not like the best dragon, you know?
  • Raya: But you saved the world.
  • Sisu: I did do that. That’s true. But have you ever done like a group project, but there’s like that one kid who didn’t pitch in as much, but still ended up with the same grade? Yeah, I wasn’t the one who actually made the gem. I just turned it in.
  • Raya: The world is broken, you can’t trust anyone.
  • Sisu: Maybe it’s broken, because you don’t trust anyone, you just have to take the first step.
  • Sisu: I… am… so hungry.
  • Raya: I have some jerky.
  • Sisu: Not that hungry.
  • Sisu: Is that food? I was so focused on saving the world, I forgot to have breakfast today.
  • Raya: Today? When exactly do you think today is?
  • Sisu: Tuesday.
  • [tries a bite of Raya’s jerky]
  • Sisu: Yuck! I mean, mmm! What is this delightful culinary treat?
  • Raya: It’s jackfruit jerky. I dried it myself.
  • Sisu: Well, compliments to the chef!
  • [to Tuk Tuk]
  • Sisu: Wanna finish this, Skippy?
  • Boun: How hot do you want it? We have hot, really hot, and «Boom goes the dynamite!»
  • Sisu: Bring on the heat!
  • Sisu: I just shape-changed! Into people!
  • Raya: Dragons can do that?
  • Sisu: This was my sister, Prani’s, thing. Look at my people arms, and my people face. Look how close my butt is to my face!
  • Raya: My whole life, I trained to become a guardian of the Dragon Gem. But this world has changed, and its people are divided. Now to restore peace, I must find the Last Dragon. My name is Raya.
  • Raya: What if someone saw you?
  • Sisu: Who, Captain Pop-and-Lock? What’s he going to do, challenge me to a dance battle?
  • Tong: Ah, it’s good to breathe in your glorious dragon stench again.
  • Sisu: Okay, I’d take that as a compliment.
  • Raya: Remind me never to have kids.
  • Tong: I too wish to join this fellowship of Druun buttkickery.
  • Raya: What do cats and Druun have in common?
  • Sisu: Um… they have no souls!
  • Raya: And they are afraid of water.
  • Raya: Note to self: Don’t die.
  • Sisu: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Raya: Uh, nothing. I’m just not used to seeing dragons.
  • Sisu: Impressed, huh? Wait ’til you see my backstroke! I’m wicked when I hit that liquid! I got water skills that kill! I slaughter when I hit the water! I’m like… really good at swimming… through rhyme. I was trying to make that… that I’m really good at swimming. I’m a really good swimmer… just basically.
  • Raya: Okay. We need to get going.
  • Namaari: You and the dragon gems are coming with me.
  • Raya: Hmm… my sword here says we’re not.
  • Boun: We have shrimp, we have congee, we have shrimp congee that just won’t quit…
  • Sisu: Who’s that?
  • Raya: That’s Namaari, the back-stabbing binturi who broke the world.
  • Raya: We have no interest in dragon gems.
  • [Tong shows Raya’s bag, which contains the three dragon gems she collected so far]
  • Raya: Okay. I can see how that makes me look like a liar.
  • Sisu: Actually, I think it was the lying that made you look like a liar.
  • Tong: Why are you here, divine water dragon?
  • Sisu: Isn’t that obvious, big guy? My girl, Raya, and I are gonna fix the world! Bring everyone back!
  • Sisu: It may feel impossible, but sometimes you just have to take the first step, even before you’re ready.
  • Sisu: Ooh! This beetle’s got a booty!
  • Raya: Careful! It’s a toot-n-boom.
  • Sisu: Why is it called a…?
  • [Raya pulls Sisu away from the beetle just after it farts and then explodes]
  • Sisu: Got it. Noted. Makes sense. You have to admit, though, these bug booties are kind of cute.
  • Raya: [Referring to Benja] I wonder if he’ll even remember me. So much has changed.
  • Sisu: I know he will remember you.
  • Raya: You remind me of him.
  • Sisu: Oh yeah? Strong? Good looking? With impeccable hair?
  • Raya: Hopeful.
  • Raya: Really? A con baby?
  • Raya: Actually, Sisu, I think we’re going to go with your plan.
  • Sisu: What? My plan? You’re going with my plan?
  • Raya: Yeah.
  • Sisu: Alright! You’re not going to regret this. But we’re gonna need a really good gift. What do you think she’s into? Cats? Knives? Cats with knives? Knives with little cats on them?
  • Tong: You can’t wait to get back to your family either, can’t ya, Noi?
  • Raya: What did you just call her?
  • Tong: Noi! It’s her name! It’s written on her collar! You never saw that? And people think I’m the ruffian!
  • [first lines]
  • Raya: I know what you’re thinking. A lone rider. A distopian world. A land that’s gone to waste. How did this world get so broken? Well, that all began 500 years ago. Kumandra. This is what we used to be when our land was whole, and we lived harmoniously alongside dragons, magical creatures who brought us water, and rain, and peace. It was paradise. But then, the druun came. A mindless plague that spread like wildfire. Multiplying as they consumed life and turned everyone they touched into stone. The dragons fought for us the best they could, but it wasn’t enough. That’s when the mighty Sisu Datuu, the last dragon, concentrated all her magic into a gem and blasted the druun away. Everyone that was turned to stone came back… except the dragons. All that was left of Sisu was her gem. It should have been this big inspirational moment where humanity united over her sacrifice, but instead, people being people, they all fought to possess the last remnant of dragon magic. Borders were drawn. Kumandra divided. We all became enemies, and the gem had to be hidden, but that’s not how the world broke. That didn’t truly happen until 500 years later when I came into the story.
  • Namaari: Here, I was worried you were going to end up becoming a cat lady… like me.
  • Raya: I’d say we’ve found the Tail chief.
  • Sisu: What happened to her?
  • Raya: From the looks of it, she was hording the gem and became a victim of her own traps.
  • Sisu: Well, you gotta admire her commitment.
  • Raya: Yeah, I knew you couldn’t handle rolling solo. You’re nothing without your band.
  • Sisu: I love credit!
  • Namaari: You and the dragon are coming with me.
  • Raya: Hmm. My sword here says we’re not.
  • Benja: I’m going to open with a joke.
  • Raya: Please don’t.
  • Benja: I’m kidding.
  • Boun: Thank you for the new customers.
  • Raya: Yeah, I promised them some congee.
  • Boun: Well, we’re stuck with them for a while. Ongis have nine stomachs!
  • Sisu: Wow. So many questions. First one: Why am I wearing this?
  • Raya: Well, we don’t want to attract attention.
  • Sisu: Oh, you definitely chose the right hat for that.
  • Benja: Don’t mistake spirit for skill, young one. I promise you will not set fut on the gem’s inner circle. Not even a toe.
  • Raya: You might want to take out that blade. You’re gonna need it.
  • Benja: Not today.
  • Raya: You… are… Sisu.
  • Sisu: And you’re… people.
  • Raya: Run!
  • [notices Sisu is trying to run on all fours while in her human form]
  • Raya: Not like that! Two legs!
  • Sisu: This is delicious. By the way, not poison. But… it’s haaaaa… it’s haaaaa… it’s hot! It’s hot! It’s really hot! Water! Water! Boun! Captain Boun? We need water on deck!
  • Sisu: Here’s my plan: We infiltrate Fang, confront Namaari, and offer her something nice and go, Wanna help us save the world? Cuz all it takes is one gem piece!
  • Namaari: [in Sisu’s thoughts] Yes! I’ve been waiting for someone to offer me a gift! Here you go!
  • Sisu: [in her thoughts] Best friends forever!
  • Raya: You touched this gem piece, and it gave you powers. You know what this means, right?
  • Sisu: I no longer need a nightlight?
  • Raya: Hold on.
  • [Sisu grabs onto Raya. She swings across the pit but stops midway. Turns out Sisu’s hind legs were still perched on the edge of the cliff]
  • Sisu: Oh, we were doing a jumpy thing? So sorry. My bad. I get it now.
  • Raya: I have something to say… Who’s hungry?
  • Tong: I was born and bred to do only one thing: to invoke fear, and to crush the skulls of my enemies!
  • Sisu: That’s actually two things.
  • Sisu: Wow! What a smart way to Druun-proof your house! Built right on the water. People of Talon are geniuses.
  • Raya: Yeah, Talon may look nice, but it’s a hotspot for pickpockets and con artists.
  • Sisu: Lucky for me, empty pockets!
  • Namaari: I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.
  • Raya: [screams] Liar!
  • Namaari: I don’t care if you don’t trust me. Sisu did. But you didn’t trust her. That’s why we’re here. Do whatever you want, but you’re as much to blame for Sisu’s death as I am.
  • Raya: [Raya and Tuk Tuk have just arrived at a damaged ship at a dead end] Six years of searching, and we end up at a literal shipwreck. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?
  • Sisu: That’s what I keep trying to tell my girl, Raya. She’s like, You can’t trust anyone. Don’t talk to people. I only eat terrible foods I dried myself.
  • Sisu: [referring to Noi] Oh, that’s so sweet. Okay, that’s too much sweet!
  • Boun: If this is poison, you’re gonna die happy!

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Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon is an action-packed, family friendly film that is filled with inspiring and powerful quotes.

Raya and the Last Dragon movie poster

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon is a girl power movie that is sure to inspire everyone who watches it thanks to all the powerful quotes! Here is a collection of my favorites. As always, I try to avoid major spoilers but be warned that there may be some, especially towards the end of this list.

“How did this world get so broken?” – Raya

“Dragons. Magical creatures who brought us water, and rain, and peace.” – Raya

“People, being people, they all fought to possess the last remnant of dragon magic.” – Raya

“We all became enemies.” – Raya

“Anyone hoping to steal the dragon gem now has to face the fury of the two baddest blades in all the lands.” – Raya

“Shrimp paste from Tail, lemon grass from Talon, bamboo shoots from Spine, chilis from Fang, and palm sugar from Heart.” – Chief Benja

“We’re going to share a meal with them.” – Chief Benja

“They assume it does. Just like we assume things about them.” – Chief Benja

“There’s a reason why each land is named after a part of the dragon. We were once unified harmoniously as one – Kumandra.” – Chief Benja

“If we don’t stop and learn to trust one another again, it’s only a matter of time before we tear each other apart.” – Chief Benja

“I believe that we can be Kumandra again. But someone has to take the first step.” – Chief Benja


© 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“I might be a bit of a dragon nerd.” – Raya

“Only a monster would choose to wear this outfit on the regular.” – Raya

“Fang may look nice on the outside, but we have some pretty big holes on the inside.” – Namaari

“Maybe we really could be Kumandra again.” – Raya

“From one dragon nerd to another.” – Namaari

“In a different world, maybe we could have been friends.” – Namaari

“We have a choice. We can tear each other apart or we can come together and build a better world. It’s not too late.” – Chief Benja

“There’s still hope. Raya, don’t give up on them.” – Chief Benja

“You…are…. Sisu.” – Raya

“What is this delightful culinary treat?” – Sisu

“Ya broke it!” – Sisu

“If you lost a puppy and I said well I still have a big chunk of it, would that make you feel better?” – Sisu

“I’m not like the BEST dragon.” – Sisu

“Have you ever done a group project but there’s like that one kid who didn’t pitch in as much but still ended up with the same grade?” – Sisue


© 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“Every dragon has a unique magic.” – Sisu

“Look how close my butt is to my head!” – Sisu

“Here I was worried you were going to end up becoming a cat lady. Like me.” – Namaari

“Something tells me you’re not besties.” – Sisu

“I love your hair…and your cats’…. hair..” – Sisu

“Today’s special is to go.” – Boun

“My friend’s a really strong swimmer.” – Raya

“Bye bye Benturi.” – Raya

“What are you scared he’s gonna challenge you to a dance battle?” – Sisu

“I saw people lose their minds over a dragon gem. Can you imagine what they’d do over an actual dragon?” – Raya

“Wow, you really got some trust issues.” – Sisu

“Bring on the heat!” – Sisu

“A plague born from human discord. They’ve always been here, waiting for a moment of weakness to attack. They’re like the opposite of dragons. Instead of bringing water and life to the world, they’re like a relentless fire that consumes everything in its wake until there is nothing left except ash and stone.” – Sisu

“People of Talon are geniuses.” – Sisu

“It’s safer for you to stay here on the boat.” – Raya

“But I want to help.” – Sisu

“Really? A con baby!” – Raya

raya and the last dragon noi

© 2020 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“Remind me to never have kids.” – Raya

“You lie to get what you want.” – Sisu

“I really wanted to believe we could be Kumandra again.” – Raya

“We’re a world of orphans because people couldn’t stop fighting over a gem.” – Raya

“Wanna know why other dragons didn’t come back? It’s because people don’t deserve them.” – Raya

“I am done trying. Kumandra is a fairytale.” – Raya

“By proving to you that if you want to get someone’s trust you have to give a little trust first.” – Sisu

“I can see how that makes me look like a liar.” – Raya
“Actually I think it was the lying that made you look like a liar.” – Sisu

“Of course you love mango. Only a tongue-less creaton wouldn’t.” – Tong

“I’m not lonely. I’m a Spine warrior!” – Tong

tong ray and the last dragon

© 2020 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“My people battled the Drune with great valor. And lost.” – Tong

“You’re gonna fight an entire army?” – Sisu

“Note to self – don’t die.” – Raya

“Burn them out.” – Namaari

“If we’re just honest with her, deep down I got a feeling she wants to fix the world as much as we do.” – Sisu

“We were the last dragons.” – Sisu

“This is where we’d make our last stand. United.” – Sisu

“I don’t know why they chose me. It could have been any of us. All I know is I trusted them, and they trusted me.” – Sisu

“It may feel impossible but sometimes you just have to take the first step, even before you’re ready.” – Sisu

“And they think of me as the ruffian.” – Tong

“You’re not the only dragon nerd here.” – Raya

“It was foolish to trust someone from Fang.” – Tong

“Hey. I got this.” – Sisu

“You just want a better world. Like we all do. I trust you.” – Sisu

“It’s about trust.” – Raya

“We have to come together. Please.” – Raya

“Then let me take the first step.” – Raya

“Hope you don’t mind, she brought some friends.” – Sisu

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raya last dragon sisu

© 2020 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

About Raya and the Last Dragon

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Raya and the Last Dragon” travels to the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons lived together in harmony long ago. But when an evil force threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now, 500 years later, that same evil has returned and it’s up to a lone warrior, Raya, to track down the legendary last dragon to restore the fractured land and its divided people.

However, along her journey, she’ll learn that it’ll take more than a dragon to save the world—it’s going to take trust and teamwork as well. “Raya and the Last Dragon” features the voices of Kelly Marie Tran as Raya, a warrior whose wit is as sharp as her blade, and Awkwafina as the magical, mythical, self-deprecating dragon named Sisu. Characters also include a street-savvy 10-year-old entrepreneur named Boun, the formidable giant Tong and a thieving toddler Noi with her band of Ongis.

Raya and the Last Dragon comes to theaters and
Disney+ with Premier Access on March 5th!

tessa smith

Tessa Smith is a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer-approved Film and TV Critic. She is also a Freelance Writer. Tessa has been in the Entertainment writing business for almost ten years and is a member of several Critics Associations including the Critics Choice Association, Hollywood Critics Association, and the Greater Western New York Film Critics Association.

В прокате уже вовсю идёт диснеевский мультфильм «Райя и последний дракон». Это история смелой принцессы, которая самостоятельно спасает свою страну, а не ждёт, пока за неё это сделает кто-то другой. Валерия Чебитько посмотрела картину о приключениях Райи и написала, о каких простых, но важных вещах может напомнить этот мультфильм.

Важно уметь доверять  

Доверие — центральная тема мультфильма. Райя выросла в мире, поделённом на пять земель: «Клык», «Хвост», «Коготь», «Хребет» и «Сердце». Обитатели этих земель враждуют между собой. И единственный человек во всём мире, который ещё верит в то, что люди могут сплотиться, это отец Райи. Но его попытка установить перемирие обернулась катастрофой и разрушением, а Райя столкнулась с предательством. И теперь в каждом человеке, которого она встречает, девушка видит врага.

Но её история показывает: если тебя однажды предали, не стоит разочаровываться во всём мире. Вокруг полно прекрасных людей (и драконов), готовых подставить плечо.

Необязательно справляться с трудностями в одиночку 

После катастрофы Райя шесть лет жила одна, полагаясь только на себя и на своего друга — жука Тук-тука. Она сильная и смелая принцесса, умеющая за себя постоять. Райя готова в одиночку противостоять армии врагов и ни на кого не надеется. 

Но знакомство с драконихой Сису и обитателями других земель учит её работать в команде. Ведь убегать от свирепых всадников на гигантских кошках, сражаться с враждебно настроенными племенами и противостоять друунам (порождения зла, которые превращают всё, к чему прикасаются, в камень) надёжнее в компании друзей. Особенно когда у каждого из них есть талант, способный пригодиться в трудную минуту. 

У каждого, кого мы встречаем, своя история 

С самого начала Райя воспринимает обитателей других земель как врагов (так уж устроен мир, в котором она живёт). Но когда она вместе с Сису отправляется в путь и знакомится с людьми из разных земель, то понимает, что каждый из них переживает то же, что и она. 

Из-за друун Райя лишилась отца; родных потеряли и Сису, и мальчишка-повар со старого судна, и маленькая воровка, и грозный на первый взгляд громила-вождь. В общем, вывод такой — не стоит вешать на людей ярлыки, а стоит сначала узнать их историю. 

Иногда стоит самому сделать первый шаг

Райя хочет, чтобы мир стал лучше, и люди перестали быть злыми и лживыми. Но она сама настроена так же враждебно к миру, как и он к ней. 

Сису учит её, что иногда, чтобы мир стал лучше, нужно самой сделать первый шаг (так же говорил ей и отец). Ведь копить злость бессмысленно, это приводит только к разрушению и непониманию. Важно дать шанс другому человеку и попытаться его услышать. И тогда, возможно, это приведёт к счастливому исходу. А возможно, и нет. Но попытаться стоит. 

Если отвечать злом на зло и ждать, что мир станет лучше, ничего не изменится. 

Нужно продолжать борьбу, даже если кажется, что все вокруг сдались 

Страна, в которой живёт Райя, 500 лет назад называлась Кумандра, и все люди в ней жили в мире и согласии. Райя была бы не против её воссоединения и возвращения в мир гармонии, но она уже на это не надеется. Ей кажется, что никому кроме неё это не нужно. Люди не хотят этого воссоединения, и она тоже даже не пытается. 

Но её отец даже в самый критичный момент, стоя в одиночку против толпы врагов, пытался что-то изменить. Сису до последнего продолжала верить, несмотря на то, что успела познакомиться с людьми, для которых важно было только богатство. Наконец, сама Райя продолжила бороться, когда надежды на спасение уже не оставалось.

Не надо давать гневу управлять собой

Райя пережила предательство от человека, которого хотела считать другом. В кульминационный момент, когда все люди находились перед лицом смертельной опасности, она позволила гневу овладеть собой, и он затмил другие чувства.

Пока её друзья спасали свои жизни и других людей, она была увлечена идеей расквитаться с человеком, который, по её мнению, виновен в случившейся катастрофе. Такие действия могли привести к ужасным последствиям и точно не принесли бы никому пользы.

Когда кажется, что мир несправедлив, нормально испытывать злость. Но как только эта злость начинает управлять действиями и эмоциями, это уже ни к чему хорошему не приведёт. 

Не стоит недооценивать себя и свои силы 

Весь мультфильм Райя надеялась, что спасти отца и человечество ей поможет великий дракон. Она постоянно повторяла: «Без тебя я не смогу собрать все кристаллы». Но если проследить всю историю, то Райя смогла многое именно благодаря своим собственным силам и помощи друзей.

История Райи показывает, что не нужно надеяться на волшебство или чудо, всего можно добиться своими усилиями. Главное — верить в себя.

Райя и последний дракон 2021

Райя и последний дракон (фильм, 2021)

Raya and the Last Dragon

В прошлом Кумандра была процветающей страной, но после вторжения злобного существа, известного как Дрикон, мир был разрушен, а его население раскололось на различные кланы.

Цитаты из фильма Райя и последний дракон (2021)

Воинский дух ничто без мастерства.

Я сама прыткость, когда вокруг жидкость.

Был бы мир другим, мы бы, возможно, подружились.

Как насчет того, чтобы заняться достойным грабежом?

Я так увлеклась спасением мира, что ничего сегодня не ела.

У нас обеих родители-одиночки со странным чувством юмора.

Мой отец до того, как превратиться в камень, тоже учил доверию.

Дорогие посетители, держитесь за столики. Наш ресторан отходит.

Все это удалось создать, потому что мы любое решение принимали умом, а не сердцем.

Мы можем порвать друг друга на куски. А можем забыть вражду и построить лучший мир.

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