Цитаты мику хацунэ

Танцуя в сером пепле враз сожженных страстных чувств,
Ни ей, и никому теперь нельзя доверить
Всю чистоту и свет дражайших истин грусть.

И в поцелуе страстном вы сольетесь, только в этих
Глазах красивых нет любви — лишь пустота.

No matter how bitter the truth is, you never really knew me.

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Hatsune Miku

Танцуя в сером пепле враз сожженных страстных чувств,
Ни ей, и никому теперь нельзя доверить
Всю чистоту и свет дражайших истин грусть.

Bye Bye Sayonara

И в поцелуе страстном вы сольетесь, только в этих
Глазах красивых нет любви — лишь пустота.

Bye Bye Sayonara

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Quotes About Miku Hatsune Song

Enjoy collection of 46 Miku Hatsune Song quotes. Download and share images of famous quotes about Miku Hatsune Song. Righ click to see and save pictures of Miku Hatsune Song quotes that you can use as your wallpaper for free.

A female vocal can lift a song. ~ Jessie Ware

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jessie Ware

If you feel like you’re getting into a rut with a song, a night off usually fixes it. ~ Levon Helm

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Levon Helm

To the sea, to the sea! The white gulls are crying,
The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.
West, west away, the round sun is falling,
Grey ship, grey ship, do you hear them calling,
The voices of my people that have gone before me?
I will leave, I will leave the woods that bore me;
For our days are ending and our years failing.
I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing.
Long are the waves on the Last Shore falling,
Sweet are the voices in the Lost Isle calling,
In Eressea, in Elvenhome that no man can discover,
Where the leaves fall not: land of my people forever! ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien

Most of the time I write my best songs just from feeling a strong emotion, so whether I’m just really angry or really sad or really happy, I immediately sit down at a piano and I begin writing a song. ~ Ella Henderson

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Ella Henderson

But there were years when, in search of what I thought was better, nobler things I denied these, my people, and my family. I forgot the songs they sung — and most of those songs are now dead; I erased their dialect from my tongue; I was ashamed of them and their ways of life. But now — yes, I love them; they are a part of my blood; they, with all their virtues and their faults, played a great part in forming my way of looking at life. ~ Agnes Smedley

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Agnes Smedley

As a songwriter, you’re never off — for me, anyway. There’s a certain mentality of people that decide, «Oh, we’re going to try to write songs from this time of the day to this time of the day.» Almost treat it like a real job. I can’t do that. I’ve never been able to write songs like that. You never know when something creative is going to hit you, or emotion or whatever. You can take it, and turn it into something that makes somebody feel something. I love that about my job. ~ Kenny Chesney

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Kenny Chesney

Every day sings its own song. ~ A.D. Posey

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by A.D. Posey

Some of your best songs come from a desperate attempt to escape, so sitting in an airport for hours I can just start pulling out little fragments of songs from my head. A lot of times a melody will just occur to me and be my companion for a couple of months. ~ Andrew Bird

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Andrew Bird

While they were driving through Longford they had the radio on, it was playing a White Lies song that had been popular when they were at school, and without touching the dial or raising his voice to be heard over the sound of the radio Connell said: You know I love you. ~ Sally Rooney

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Sally Rooney

I’m not done writing songs about you yet. ~ Maggie Stiefvater

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Maggie Stiefvater

What songwriting does better than almost anything is empathy — it’s incredibly empathetic. The reason people sat around in bars when they were bummed out and listened to country songs is because it made them feel better in the long run. ~ Steve Earle

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Steve Earle

A wind starts to blow, without feelings,
A song falls in love, without singing,
A life will begin in melodies of the strings,
May you find all pleasure of the light,
God bless, Warrior of Light! ~ Santosh Kalwar

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Santosh Kalwar

Gerald’s arm rose and fell the same way to any song he led, no matter the time signature. He had a nasal twang when he spoke and sang, like a younger Grandpa Jones, but his pitch wasn’t bad and he seemed to enjoy song-leading. His job was to get everybody started at the same place and everybody stopped when the song was over, but whatever happened in the middle was up to God and the congregation. ~ Chris Fabry

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Chris Fabry

But his singing was unconscious and irrepressible — an expression of his native exuberance, the dreamy, buoyant soundtrack running through his head. ~ Jennifer Haigh

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jennifer Haigh

Music has always been a location for me to run to, whether it’s through someone else’s song or my own. I can observe my own planet from this foreign land and things make sense within the telescopic lens of song. ~ Jon Foreman

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jon Foreman

The goal is to try and make the perfect song. Which of course will never happen. ~ Chris Martin

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Chris Martin

If certain songs become popular enough to the point where I’ll be playing them the rest of my life, I don’t want them all to dwell on the same down moment that I’ll have to keep reliving. ~ Chantal Kreviazuk

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Chantal Kreviazuk

If I’m going on any trip, driving music is key. Road Hammers is good driving music. I don’t mind listening to my own stuff. You record it for a certain reason. You fall in a love with a certain song at a certain time and how you record it is a labour of love. You better love it. ~ Jason McCoy

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jason McCoy

Dear Amelia,
I hear there are giant jellyfish in the Arctic,
tentacles longer than train carriages.
Haystacks fly over cities in whirlwinds, and fish frogs and turtles rain on towns.
There are spaces of perfect nothing that they call black holes.
Nothing’s impossible- that’s what you think I’m trying to say.
But I’m not.
There are things that are impossible — unimaginable even- and here they are: That I broke you.
Betrayed you.
Said I’d given up on you. Sent you flying to a park in a thunderstorm.
That I’ve been wrong about you all along- saw something in your face each time you faded to your past, when the opposite was true.
That all this time you’ve been lost and that I won’t get a second chance to find you.
Amelia your name is a song. It’s a name you can’t say without smiling or crying, without casting both shadows and light. But there are too many places to hide or get lost in a name like Amelia.
So this is me shouting that name. They say nobody ever escapes from a black hole. They don’t know the strength in my Amelia. The strength in your grip when you want to stay out dancing- the strength in your wicked smile.

Riley ~ Jaclyn Moriarty

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jaclyn Moriarty

If you don’t try and force it, a song will find the proper moment to come to life. ~ Valerie Simpson

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Valerie Simpson

Name one hero who was happy.»
«You can’t.» He was sitting up now, leaning forward.
«I can’t.»
«I know. They never let you be famous AND happy.» He lifted an eyebrow. «I’ll tell you a secret.»
«Tell me.» I loved it when he was like this.
«I’m going to be the first.» He took my palm and held it to his. «Swear it.»
«Why me?»
«Because you’re the reason. Swear it.»
«I swear it ~ Madeline Miller

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Madeline Miller

It took me a long time to learn how to write a good song. ~ Bob Seger

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Bob Seger

Poetry arises from the desire to get beyond the finite and the historical — the human world of violence and difference — and to reach the transcendent or divine. You’re moved to write a poem, you feel called upon to sing, because of that transcendent impulse. But as soon as you move from that impulse to the actual poem, the song of the infinite is compromised by the finitude of its terms. ~ Ben Lerner

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Ben Lerner

My songs have always had frustrating themes — relationships I’ve had ~ Kurt Cobain

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Kurt Cobain

I feel the hate,
Welling up inside,
And it’s to late,
Nowhere to run and hide. ~ Falling In Reverse

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Falling In Reverse

As a singer, I float around. I’m kind of scatty, bouncing around a lot. I try to adapt to what’s going on around me in the song and the arrangement. ~ Daryl Hall

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Daryl Hall

Whitney Houston, one of my biggest inspirations, also had that same mindset because her songs vary from R&B, hip hop, pop, and gospel. ~ Heather Headley

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Heather Headley

I guess I don’t really know any other way to do it, it just feels like the natural way to do things for me. Like — if I’m writing a song — it has to have some sort of value. Or it only has some kind of value to me, if it’s something really personal. It has to mean something to me. I guess it is a little uncomfortable, or it’s a little embarrassing sometimes, to know that stuff that honest is out there. But, when I hand off the thing, when it’s totally done and mastered and sent, I kinda feel like it doesn’t belong to me anymore. ~ Panda Bear

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Panda Bear

Witches try to ‘connect’ with the world around them. Witchcraft, they say, is about the tactile, intuitive understanding of the turn of the seasons, the song of the birds; it is the awareness of all things as holy … ~ Tanya Luhrmann

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Tanya Luhrmann

I think continually of those who were truly great … Born of the sun they traveled a short while towards the sun, and left the vivid air signed with their honor. ~ Stephen Spender

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Stephen Spender

I don’t know where my songs come from … If I knew, I’d know too much, more than we are allowed on this plane. ~ Judy Collins

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Judy Collins

When it’s a folk festival, there’s more of an intention on the song and connecting with people. ~ Jenny O.

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jenny O.

I don’t think people are fans of me because I wrote hit songs. I think they’re fans because I’m a lunatic or a weirdo. The hit songs came out of my idiosyncratic personality, not the other way around. ~ Billy Corgan

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Billy Corgan

I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan’s use of my song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as recorded by my band Twisted Sister. There is almost nothing on which I agree with Paul Ryan, except perhaps the use of the P90X. ~ Dee Snider

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Dee Snider

Everything I’m doing musically is for its own sake. I’m recording at my house, trying really hard to write songs with a four-track tape recorder. ~ Bucky Pope

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Bucky Pope

If beauty is pain — let me get lost in it. If you’re my salvation — I want to earn it. If love is all I have to give — then let me give it. You. It’s all for you.»
Gabe’s eyes opened and locked in on mine.
«How can I prove that what I feel is real? You ask for truth I give you lies. You ask for joy I make you cry. But I don’t want to lose you. Not like this. Not when I’ve left your heart in such a mess. Give me one chance — I’m letting go of the past — but I need you here to know.»
«If beauty is pain — let me get lost in it. If you’re my salvation — I want to earn it. If love is all I have to give — then let me give it. You, it’s all for you.» He paused, hitting the last few notes, and the song ended.
Gabe’s smile lit up the room.
But I was frozen in place.
Me. He’d sung that to me. ~ Rachel Van Dyken

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Rachel Van Dyken

I’m hoping there’s cohesion in these tracks. Some of them were made weeks ago, some were made in 2010, but they’ve all stood out as one big thing I want to give to everyone. The concept behind No Plans references a few of concerns: having no plans with school, no plans with jobs, and no plans for the future. I’m hoping these songs can help you forget about those concerns, at least for 30 minutes of your day. ~ Ryan Hemsworth

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Ryan Hemsworth

I had a dream about you. We made a good team, you and I, and I thought we were in love, but our coach didn’t agree. He tried saying he wanted to trade you to another team, but I said if he did that I’m going to take up competitive knitting. He knew I was serious, because the word on the street was that Weezer’s «The Sweater Song» was inspired by a legendary cat sweater I knitted. ~ Jarod Kintz

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jarod Kintz

Talking with her was like listening to a ballad on a radio station that fades in and out as you drive, sometimes clear and sentimental and tuned perfectly to the passing land, sometimes filled with static, lost, a song played too many times. ~ Jeff Sharlet

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jeff Sharlet

I think you want to write a song that’s like the songs you are into. ~ Craig Finn

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Craig Finn

There’s a song called ‘All We’d Ever Need,’ which is actually the first song that the three of us wrote together on our first album, and when we wrote that song I didn’t have any real experience to pull from. ~ Hillary Scott

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Hillary Scott

Sometimes, the simple messages are the best thing music can do, really. Sometimes, songs can stir people up, motivate them to make change. ~ Jack Johnson

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Jack Johnson

I’ve had a very different career than a lot of other musicians. I went through the major labels. I was signed to two major labels and bands. I’ve toured with Aerosmith, and I’ve had records on the charts, songs in the movies. If you had checklist of things a person wants to accomplish in music … I’ve done a lot. And I don’t mean that in an egotistical way; I never take it for granted. But you can’t think outside the box unless you know what’s in the box. ~ Michael Angelo Batio

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Michael Angelo Batio

I’d like my life to be like a Bruce Springsteen song. Just once. I know I’m not born to run, I know that Seven Sisters’ Road is nothing like Thunder Road, but feelings can’t be different, can they? ~ Nick Hornby

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Nick Hornby

If Elvis ..is the definition of rock, then rock is remembered as showbiz … It becomes a solely performative art form, where the meaning of a song matters less than the person singing it. It becomes personality music … if Dylan … becomes the definition of rock, everything reverses. In this contingency, lyrical authenticity becomes everything: Rock is galvanized as an intellectual craft, interlocked with the folk tradition … The fact that Dylan does not have a conventionally «good» singing voice becomes retrospective proof that rock audiences prioritized substance over style … ~ Chuck Klosterman

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Chuck Klosterman

Dancing to a great song with great friends and lots of laughter makes me come alive. ~ Sadie Calvano

Miku Hatsune Song quotes by Sadie Calvano


i'm really really really sorry po :(

ito lang talaga nakita ko from vocaloid. 

sana magustuhan nyo pa din po ito :)


The more tears you shed , . . .

the more beautiful your heart become.

- Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)

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