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In this post, you will find 75+ Surfing slogans, chants, phrases & sayings.

Show your love and passion for this sport or support your favorite player using these slogans and phrases.

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Surfing Slogans

Live long & Surf

Make everyday a Surfing day

No waves, No charm

Drugs? No thanks, I’m a surfer

You keep calm, I’ll go Surf

Wave life

Just one more

Surfing is a real life

Life without Sex & Surfing is nothing

Enjoy life, one wave at a time

I wanna Surf everyday

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Keep calm & Surf on

I want you to Surf daily

Less work – More surf

Surfing is not a sport, it’s a life style

Surfing fever

Like I am fighting with water

It’s time to surf right now

This is what life is all about

Surf beaches not browsers

Surfing is the way to be

Out of water, I am nothing

Love sandy feet

Life is good at the beach

Don’t try to stop the waves, learn to surf

Eat, Sleep and Surf

It’s beach life

7 days without Surfing makes one weak

Surf like there is no tomorrow

Surfing days are awesome days

Rise and Shine with waves

Sea Sand & Surf

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Eat Sleep Surf Repeat

Surf on beaches not on internet

I love my wife & Surfing

Life’s short, let’s go for Surfing

Live love & Surf

Surfing makes me happy

Keep calm & Surf all day

Keep calm & Marry a Surfer

Only Surfing, nothing else

I love Surfing more than the free WIFI

Surfing is in my heart

In love with Surfing

Hail the Surfers

Do it like a Surfer

Cowards don’t Surf!!

Shut up & Surf

Eat well & Surf often

What about Surfing?

Surfing Slogans for t-shirts

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to Surf

No waves, No glory

Maybe later, Right Now I just want to .. Surf

Physically I’m here, Mentally I’m Surfing

Enjoy life One wave at a time

Make America Surf Again

Grandpa is my name, Surfing is my Game

Pray for Surf

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What’s my move? Surf

Stressed. Blessed. And Surfing Obsessed.

It’s a Surfing thing you wouldn’t Understand

I’m just here to … Surf

Work hard, Surf Fine

Save a wave, ride a Surfer

I’d rather be Surfing

I don’t need therapy, I just need to do Surfing

Surf till dark

I’m not crazy because I’m a Surf girl, I’m crazy because I like it

Surfing is everything

Just Surf Dude

Surf’s Up

Walking on water

When life gets stressful, I like to Surf

Take me to the ocean

Best surfer on earth

Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World – Teahupoo

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The best inspirational quotes are the ones about surfing. The wisdom encapsulated in a single sentence, spoken by a person with a lifetime of unique experiences, has the power to influence others and transform lives.

The following selection of surfing quotes are by legends the likes of Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez, and Shaun Tomson. They give insights not only into the minds of our heroes, but also into the world in which we live. Learn about reading the ocean, about tenacity, simplicity, passion and faith.

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Kelly Slater on reading the ocean

“Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch. Learn to read the ocean better. A big part of my success has been wave knowledge.”
~ Kelly Slater

Gerry Lopez on tenacity

“Well, in regards to surfing, I’ve learned that there is always another wave coming. Translated that means there is always tomorrow. No matter how badly you get caught inside, if you can just hang in there and keep paddling, the set is going to pass and there will be a lull afterwards. So don’t give up, just take your pounding, wait until the set passes, then make your move.”
~ Gerry Lopez

Jack O’Neill’s quote about how creativity stems from a need

“I’m just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.”
~ Jack O’Neill

Naima Green on the simplicity of surfing

“One of the greatest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things: your body, a surfboard, and a wave.”
~ Naima Green

Master surf historian, Matt Warshaw, on the surfing lifestyle

“Surfing, alone among sports, generates laughter at its very suggestion, and this is because it turns not a skill into an art, but an inexplicable and useless urge into a vital way of life.”
~ Matt Warshaw

The greatest surfer of all time on the environment

“I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it’s almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time.”
~ Kelly Slater

Bethany Hamilton on living her passion

“Surfing for me is more than my lifestyle; it’s my passion, my love, and it’s a part of me.”
~ Bethany Hamilton

Rell Sunn on the gift of self-esteem

“Surfing frees everything up, it’s just the best soul fix. Life should be stress-free, and that’s what surfing is all about. It’s something you do in your sleep, with your eyes closed; it’s something you’ll constantly embrace and be passionate about, and whatever it takes, you’re gonna do it, because nothing else in the world can give you that kind of self-esteem.”
~ Rell Sunn

Otis Chandler on expression and diversity

“Surfing is an individual expression of one’s own worth and one’s own ability to participate directly with nature. And what makes it really enjoyable to me is that every wave is different… there’s a special, non-repetitive pleasure in it that never gets boring.”
~ Otis Chandler

World champ, Shaun Tomson, on faith

“Surfing is all about uncertainty. That feeling of taking a risk, that leap of faith every time I jump into the ocean, that paddle out among things unseen — all of these make surfing very special.”
~ Shaun Tomson

Antony Garrett Lisi on fun

“Surfing is simply the most fun I know how to have on this planet.”
~ Antony Garrett Lisi

“Doc” Paskowitz on realizations

“Some of the most profound realizations that I came to about health did not derive from medicine, but derived from surfing.”
~ Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz

Tristan Prettyman on celebration

“Where I grew up, surfing was a way for people to celebrate their love and respect for the ocean.”
~ Tristan Prettyman

A timeless surf quote by Phil Edwards

“The Best Surfer Out There Is The One Having The Most Fun.”
~ Phil Edwards

Captain Cook’s quote after witnessing surfing for the first time

“I Could Not Help Concluding This Man Had The Most Supreme Pleasure While He Was Driven So Fast And So Smoothly By The Sea.“
~ Captain James Cook

Paul Walker on surfing’s spiritual side

“Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave.”
~ Paul Walker

Buzzy Trent on fear

“Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear.”
~ Buzzy Trent

One of our favourite surfers, Clay Marzo, on barrels

“If there was no such thing as barrels I probably wouldn’t even surf.”
~ Clay Marzo

Joel Parkinson on life beyond surfing

“It’s funny, ’cause you think surfing is your whole life, but then when you make a family it seems like it’s not at all.”
~ Joel Parkinson

John McCarthy’s quote about the surfing experience

“Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven.”
~ John McCarthy

Legendary musician, Xavier Rudd, on connection with the universe

“For me, surfing is as close a connection I can have with Mother Nature. To surf, you’re riding a pulse of energy from Mother Nature. And it’s strong. It’s real. It’s there. And you’re dancing with that. You’re connecting with that. You’re might be the only person in the history of the universe that connects with that particular pulse of energy.”
~ Xavier Rudd

Sam Bleakley on the unpredictability of surfing

“This is the kind of challenge that the wild, unfurling ocean presents to surfers: the music it makes is often impossible to follow, but surfing is about improvising in brilliant ways that utilize the sea’s surprises.”
~ Sam Bleakley

Steph Gilmore on her love of surfing

“What I love the most about surfing is that it’s my first love. It’s the first thing I can remember being consumed by.”
~ Stephanie Gilmore

Bill Hamilton on shifting mindsets

“Sliding a wave removes our brains out of the ordinary and slips us into the extra ordinary of being there now. No more worries about mortgages or strife of being poor or rich. When you enter the domain of an ocean cylinder, that moment, those split seconds belong to the Zen part of just being. Period.”
~ Bill Hamilton

William Finnegan on friendship

“Surfing is a secret garden, not easily entered. My memory of learning a spot, of coming to know and understand a wave, is usually inseparable from the friend with whom I tried to climb its walls.”
~ William Finnegan

Laird Hamilton on respect

“If you don’t understand the wave, you can’t respect it. And if you don’t have respect, it’s only a matter of time before the ocean teaches you to get some.”
~ Laird Hamilton

Fred Wardy on escapism

“Surfing is a release from exploding tensions of 20th-century living, escaping from the hustling, bustling city world of steel and concrete, a return to nature’s reality.”
~ Fred Wardy

Kary Mullis on how surfing changes your attitude toward the world

“Sometimes in the morning, when it’s a good surf, I go out there, and I don’t feel like it’s a bad world.”
~ Kary Mullis

Jolene Blalock on the might of nature

“Surfing is such an amazing concept. You’re taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, ‘I’m gonna ride you!’ And a lot of times Nature says, ‘No you’re not!’ and crashes you to the bottom.”
~ Jolene Blalock

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Surfing is one of the most unique and wonderful sports – it’s just you, your board, and the open ocean. We love surfing because every day, every location, and every set of weather conditions create a unique experience. A lot of times, when we read some of the best surfing quotes by inspiring athletes and surfers, we feel motivated to get out there and hit the waves. We chose these surfing captions and quotes to help you get excited about your next surfing trip!

1. «Every day in the water is a reminder of why we love this sport so much!» – Unknown

2. «Let go of your worries and just let go into pure surfing bliss!» – Unknown

3. “A big wave isn’t just about courage; it’s about trust and faith in yourself – Gerry Lopez”

4. “Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world.” — The Beach Boys

5. “Catch a wave and you’ll be sitting on top of the world.” — The Beach Boys

6. “Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world!” – The Beach Boys

7. “Forget all your worries when you’re out in the waves—the zen part of surfing will help clear your mind so that you can feel more connected to yourself!»– Unknown

8. “I look at surfing like discovering something new every time I go out there.» – Jamie O’Brien

9. “I think the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” – Clay Marzo

10. “If you don’t go after your dreams, you won’t have any. So take a chance and don’t let fear of sharks or anything else stop you from surfing!” – Unknown

11. “If you want to catch the next wave in life, you have to paddle hard for it!” – Rob Machado

12. “Life is like the ocean; it can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end it is always beautiful.» – Unknown

13. “Life may give us many highs and lows but surfing gives us only highs on waves!” — Rob Machado

14. “Patience factors heavily into successful surfing; being patient will help you seize each moment when it comes along!” – Unknown

15. “Ride the new waves and become part of different melodies!” — Kary Mullis

16. “Riding a wave is one of those rare moments when all seems right with the rest of the world – Kelly Slater”

17. “Surf and paddle out with intention, because every ride matters.” – Andy Irons

18. “Surf the waves and ride them like they’re meant to be ridden!” — Ziggy Marley

19. “Surf trips should be about having fun with friends, enjoying new cultures and making memories that will last a lifetime.» – Unknown

20. “Surfing gives me an incredible sense of freedom and peace that nothing else does!” – Jamie O’Brien

21. “Surfing is a dance with the waves and requires some skill, a lot of balance and a little bit of extra foam.” – Buzzy Trent

22. “Surfing is a dance with the waves, and it’s an expression of your relationship with the ocean.” – Bill Hamilton

23. “Surfing is a great exercise for body and soul.” — Paul Strauch

24. “Surfing is all about wave knowledge, knowing where to take off and how to ride the wave properly.” – Mark Foo

25. “Surfing is my passion, it’s an attitude of life, its dancing with nature, riding a wave and living in harmony with the natural world.” – Attitude Dancing

26. “Surfing is not just about riding waves, it’s about communing with nature and understanding that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves.» — Natural World

27. “Surfing is one of life’s greatest joys, and when a free wave arrives – all worries are forgotten!” — Wilhelm Sverdvik

28. “Surfing is one of the most special things a person can do. It’s like taming a wild beast.” – Soul Surfer

29. “Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven.” – Paul Walker

30. “Surfing is the path to follow if you want to find your own way in life.” — Captain James Cook

31. “Surfing isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life.” – Bruce Jenkins

32. “Surfing isn’t just about riding the wave, it’s about learning how to be in harmony with nature.” – Nat Young

33. “Surfing isn’t just an activity; it’s an expression of freedom and joy – Bethany Hamilton”

34. “Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me — The Beach Boys

35. “Surfing will bring joy into your life like nothing else can—it requires focus and concentration while letting go at the same time!” – Unknown

36. “Surfing will give you the most supreme pleasure that no other sport can offer!” — Unknown

37. “Surfing’s not about tricks or style, but about feeling the energy of the ocean and connecting with it on your own terms.» – Unknown

38. “The art of surfing has evolved over centuries – Duke Kahanamoku”

39. “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” — Phil Edwards

40. “The best wave of your life will come after the deepest challenge.” — Unknown

41. “The feeling of catching a great wave is like tasting heaven on Earth!” – Bruce Jenkins

42. “The first thing I do when I get to the beach is check the waves, and then decide which board to use that day.” – Jamie O’Brien

43. “The first time I caught a wave and stood up on my surfboard, I was hooked for life!” – First Time

44. “The greatest reward from surfing isn’t necessarily catching waves or competing; it’s in learning from your own mistakes – Unknown”

45. “The higher you fly, the further you glide -Haruki Murakami

46. “The impact zone is where fear turns into excitement and courage!” — Unknown

47. “The most important things are not things at all, they are moments shared on the water with friends and family.” – Unknown

48. “The way of the surf is all about finding balance in life.» —Unknown

49. “There is no greater thrill than surfing your own wave!” – Own Surfing

50. “To be able to read waves and know how they will break requires tremendous urge to learn and practice.» — Mark Foo

51. “To me, riding a wave is much like creating music – Laird Hamilton”

52. “Unpredictable weather patterns contribute to amazing surf conditions so don’t forget to check forecasts too!”- Unknown

53. “When things are going bad, catch a wave and it will put everything into perspective – Unknown”

54. “Whenever I am feeling blue, I just go out and surf, it really helps to relax me.” – William Shatner

55. “You can never really master surfing but you can always try!” – Phil Edwards

56. “You don’t have to be only person out there; share your stoke with others!” – Unknown

57. “You never know what life has in store for you until you get out there on the waves and find out for yourself!” – Unknown

58. A good surfer knows how to read the waves, but an even better surfer knows how to make them! – Kary Mullis

59. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. — Jack London

60. Big waves don’t have to mean big risks, but they do require big commitment — Laird Hamilton

61. Every suggestion of wave riding is worth exploring very carefully — Gerry Lopez

62. Every wave presents an opportunity for adventure — don’t miss out by being too cautious or hesitant!-Unknown

63. Exploring new oceans gives us new experiences to cherish forever.»-Unknown

64. I’m the best surfer out there because I’m having the most fun — Bethany Hamilton

65. If there’s one thing that brings us peace it’s riding a perfect wave!—Unknown

66. If you’re searching for that perfect wave, keep paddling until you find it. – Unknown

67. In surfing as in life, nothing is more rewarding than achieving your goals through hard work and dedication. – Unknown

68. Insurmountable obstacles can often become enjoyable challenges when tackled head-on with determination! — Unknown

69. It doesn’t matter if you lose to the rest of the world as long as you’re walking away with good surf stories — Unknown

70. It’s more than just catching waves; it’s about discovering yourself through the mental side of the sport that brings people back to surfing again and again. — Mental Side of The Sport

71. It’s not just about catching waves but also enjoying every moment of being out there on the water! -Unknown

72. Let go and enjoy the ride as you explore new territories while surfing and discover yourself along the way!-Unknown

73. Let go of fear and let yourself ride through life on waves of passion– Laird Hamilton”

74. Life isn’t worth living without taking risks — get out there and feel alive by conquering some waves today!’-Unknown

75. Live life like a surfer — plan ahead but always stay flexible so that you can take advantage of unexpected opportunities!-Unknown

76. No matter how hard it gets, surfing can be the most blissful experience — Kelly Slater

77. Nothing beats sharing an amazing wave with your best friends. —Unknown

78. Nothing compares to feeling alive in sync with mother nature as you ride a wave. -Mother Nature

79. Ride those waves with confidence no matter what shape or size they are and show them who’s boss! — Unknown

80. Riding a big wave at the culmination of your life of surfing is truly one of the ultimate highs! — Unknown

81. Speed, power, flow: that’s what surfing’s all about. —Paul Strauch

82. Surfing is a way of life and Duke Kahanamoku was its ambassador

83. Surfing is an opportunity to experience something bigger than yourself. —Kary Mullis

84. Surfing is freedom—the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. —Paul Strauch

85. Surfing is more than just riding waves—it’s a way of life! — Own Way

86. Surfing is my natural extension of living and breathing. — Coral Cuts

87. Surfing is not just a sport but an entire lifestyle. – Unknown

88. Surfing is something you live for, not just a sport — Laird Hamilton

89. Surfing serious waves requires patience, strength, courage and skill. – Unknown

90. Surfing teaches us that no matter how strong you are, there will always be forces greater than yourself– Bethany Hamilton”

Surfing gives us strength and helps us discover our inner power– Duke Kahanamoku”

91. The absolute worst thing you can do when surfing is give up. -Absolute Worst Thing

92. The difference between good surfers and great surfers is commitment — Gerry Lopez

93. The middle of the Pacific Ocean offers some of the best waves in the world…if you can find them! – Unknown

94. The most important thing when surfing is living in the moment and savouring every second of it! — Unknown

95. The power of nature creates moments to behold when riding a massive wave.–Unknown

96. The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever — Jacques Cousteau

97. There is freedom in catching waves because no two rides will ever be the same which makes each experience unique! — Unknown

98. There is something magical about being able to ride an unpredictable wave; it teaches patience and humbleness. -Nat Young

99. There’s always another wave to ride even on a bad day — Unknown

100. Tune into yourself when you paddle out; feel every movement of the ocean! —Unknown

101. Useless urges can lead to the most fun surfing experiences. -John Kabat-Zinn

102. When I’m out surfing, I feel connected with nature. —Ziggy Marley

103. When life gets tough, just ride the waves — Deck Accommodation

104. When you are in tune with the ocean, surfing gives you a rush that no other sport can provide — Unknown

105. “Surfing is the greatest thing — it’s like music and dancing combined.” – Frosty Hesson

106. “Surfing is a physical exertion, but also a vital way of life.” – Unknown

107. “Riding a wave is a great feeling, the right way to succeed in life is to find your own wave.” – John McCarthy

108. “The ocean, the domain of an ocean cylinder, has always been my playground for joy and surfing.” – Unknown

109. “A little stick with fins can make your biggest dreams come true.” – Unknown

110. “No matter how many times you fall, remember that surfing is a part of your success story.” – Unknown

111. “Success isn’t about never failing; it’s about getting up one more time than you fall down — on a surfboard or in life!” – Unknown

112. “A surfer never stops learning — it’s all part of the journey when you’re out there on that big blue sea of joy!”– Unknown

113. “If you want to experience true freedom, then find yourself at sea on a surfboard; there are no boundaries!”– Unknown

114. “Don’t be afraid to be different — if you want to do something, do it; even if it means hopping onto that surfboard or any other big challenge in life!”– Unknown

115. You may take on some big waves but the greatest reward comes from staying afloat and riding the crest!» — Unknown


‘Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear’ — Buzzy Trent

surfing quotes that tell the story of surfing

Ambrose Bierce, the great American satirist, said that Quotation was the act of repeating erroneously the words of another. And while he may have a point, he definitely was no surfing fanatic.

For surfers don’t just ride the waves, they are also natural storytellers. These surfing quotes can be either a link to our past or a lesson for the future.

Or sometimes just some funny shit a surfer once said. In any case, here’s a list of some of the most famous surfing quotes and a little bit of context on just why there are still being repeated.

1) “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”

Phil Edwards

Photo: Leroy Grannis / Swell

It turns out that this most quoted of all surfing quotes is both a misquote and not even attributable to Phil Edwards. The Encyclopedia of Surfing’s Matt Warshaw found that the quote comes from a foreword by Edward’s biographer Bob Ottom.

The real quote was, “Surfing is for kicks, not crowds. It is for the individual neat it can bring. It is an all-grabbing, watery psychiatry in this over-organized world. To find the champion, you should hook them up with electrodes at all their vital points, take a reading, and find out who is having the most fun.”

This is a little clunky though, and with the abbreviated sentiment of the misquote remaining true, we’re sticking with it.

2) “Out of water, I am nothing.”

– Duke Kahanamoku

Photo: nytimes.com

The Duke was sublime in the water, a five time Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer and the man who popularized surfing in mainland USA and introduced the sport to Australia.

Of course his achievements out of the water were far from inconsequential and the quote is a more reflection of his modest nature.

He starred in several Hollywood films, saved numerous lives as a lifeguard, served as a military police officer and was a successful businessman. He is also the only surfer to have his own stamp.

3) “It’s a cakewalk, when you know how.”

– Gerry Lopez

Photo: liquidsaltmag.com

A Cakewalk (referring to either a simple carnival game, or uncomplicated dance) is known for being easy and effortless.

It is not surprising that it this quote that has stuck to Lopez for 40 odd years, as no one has yet to surf Pipe with Lopez’ grace and style. It is also only Gerry that could deliver this line with a total absence of ego or arrogance.

4) “The fact is that when you are a young emerging rookie from Australia or South Africa you not only have to come through the backdoor… but you also have to bust that door down before they hear ya knocking.”

– Rabbit Bartholomew

Photo: Merkel / surfermag.com

When Rabbit wrote this line for an article in Surfer magazine in 1977 he had no idea it would land him isolated and beaten on the North Shore the following winter, or come to define both Bartholomew, a pivotal schism in professional surfing and Hawaiian localism.

Rabbit’s book Bustin’ Down the Door has the whole saga in complete detail, but for a more concise, and hilarious take, check out Comedy Central’s Drunk History titled the Aussie Invasion.

5) “My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.”

– Bethany Hamilton

Photo: infinitylist.com

Hamilton provided an equation or pure eloquence that says more about surfing than perhaps all the rest of the words in this post.

6) “It’s not tragic to die doing something you love.”

– Mark Foo

Photo: pressure-drop.us

Foo’s line, uttered a year or so before his death should, in theory, provide some solace to those that mourned his death.

In reality Foo’s death at 36 years of age in 1994 is hard to describe in any other words than a tragedy. One of the world’s best ever big-wave riders was still at the peak of his powers when he died on his first wave at California’s Mavericks.

7) “I’m just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.”

– Jack O’Neill 

Photo: surfertoday.com

Surfing’s version of “necessity is the mother of invention,” all surfers can be thankful that O’Neill’s modest take on the origins of his business resulted in the modern wetsuit, allowing every other surfer to surf longer too.

8) “No problem is so big or so complicated that it can’t be run away from.”

– Miki Dora

Photo: ln-cc.com

Pure Dora in its embrace of the cowardly, idealist, nihilistic and humorous. A quote that sums up one of the enduring myths and most engaging characters surfing has ever seen.

9) “Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear.”

– Buzzy Trent

Photo: encyclopediaofsurfing.com

At the time Trent said this in the early 1960s, very few surfers had experienced the increments of fear that he had.

He was surfing’s first ever big wave rider and it is this eloquent surfing quote that still sums the attraction, be it as a participant or spectator, that surfing big waves provides.

10) “First of all, I’d like to say, and the ASP are going to fine me, ‘cuz I don’t want to be a part of this dumb fucking wannabe tennis tour. All these pro surfers want to be tennis players.”

– Bobby Martinez

Photo: Jason Childs / surfermag.com

Said live on the webcast after a post heat win in New York, it was this outburst that effectively ended Bobby’s competitive career.

And while the pro tour lost one of its smoothest surfers and most volatile characters, it also gained one of the best quotes about the commercialization of surfing.

You can only imagine what he had said if he had lost the heat.

11) “I could not help concluding this man had the most supreme pleasure while he was driven so fast and so smoothly by the sea. 

– Captain James Cook

Photo: Shutterstock.com

The first written documentation of Hawaii’s surfers as written by the English explorer in the 1778. Cook was the first European to visit Hawaii and he neatly summed up the joys of surfing. He ended up visiting three times, but was killed by locals in 1779.

12) “I took off on a wave, went down the side, popped out the other end, and went, shit, I’m still alive!”

– Greg Noll

Photo: costaricasurfing.org

Noll talks about his first ever wipeout at Waimea. His survival meant a big wave door had been pushed wide open.

13) “I could say, but I won’t say.”

– Michael Peterson

Photo: Merkel / A-Frame

That was Michael Peterson’s response to Tracks magazine when asked how he’d managed to stay unbeaten between 1972 and 1975.

However it could actually be MP’s response to most questions, his battles with schizophrenia coupled with drug use meant he didn’t say much to anyone and he famously hid in the bushes at Bells after his win in 1975, rather than collect his winner’s cheque and talk to the crowd.

14) “Charlie don’t surf.”

– Lt Col William Kilgore

Photo: United Artists

One of the most famous lines in 1979’s Apocalypse Now, it is spoken by the actor Robert Duvall, as justification for taking a beach at the Mekong so the GIs could go surfing.

15) First of all, that was a really bad call for the comp. We waited like 10 days, we extended two days [to] get waves like this and I think K.P. [WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow] didn’t do a really good job, but I hope he can get better. And second was the interference. One day I will try to understand this new rule. The third is, next time Glenn say ‘fuck you’ to me, I’ll teach him some…”

– GabrieMedina

Photo: graffyinc.com

One of our longer surfing quotes, but just as great. The new world champion’s interview after he had scored a loss after an interference in the recent Quik Pro, Gold Coast was unfortunately stopped short by the interviewer Pete Mel just as the Brazilian was getting going.

The outburst was generally considered to be either a rare honest, passionate opinion or the case of a spoilt brat being unable to process a loss. Either way it was probably the most interesting thing that happened the whole event.

Which of these surfing quotes was your favourite? Share your thoughts!


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Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous
old surfing quotes, surfing sayings, and surfing proverbs, collected over the years from a variety
of sources.

Surfing is for life.
Bruce Jenkins

The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport.
Kelly Slater

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.
Duke Kahanamoku

Surfing’s one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what’s behind.
Laird Hamilton

You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
Jon Kabat-Zinn

There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling you’re doing it right.

My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.
Bethany Hamilton

Life is a lot like surfing…When you get caugh in the impact zone, you’ve got to just get back up. because you never know what may be the next wave.
Bethany Hamilton

Surfing is attitude dancing.
Gerry Lopez

We’re all equal before a wave.
Laird Hamilton

Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch. Learn to read the ocean better. A big part of my success has been wave knowledge.
Kelly Slater

If you’re having a bad day, catch a wave.
Frosty Hesson

One of the greatest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things: your body, a surf-board, and a wave.
Naima Green

Surfing is such an amazing concept. You’re taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, ‘I’m gonna ride you!’ And a lot of times Nature says, ‘No you’re not!’ and crashes you to the bottom.
Jolene Blalock

Surfing is not an organized sport, but it does have rules. The surfer closest to the curl has the right of way.
Matt Armstrong

Surfing, alone among sports, generates laughter at its very suggestion, and this is because it turns not a skill into an art, but an inexplicable and useless urge into a vital way of life.
Matt Warshaw

Surfing expresses … a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world.
Matt Warshaw

The balance and patience factors are much more critical in surfing than they are in snowboarding … if you’re out surfing serious waves and you wipe out, you don’t land on soft snow. It’s usually either very sharp coral, or you get raked across the beach gravel and sand while you’re tumbling underwater.
Frederick Lenz

Surfing equates to living in the very moment of now’. When you ride a wave you leave behind all things important and unimportant, the purity of the moment is upon you.
Bill Hamilton

Three most important things in life, surf, surf and surf.
Jack O’Neill

Surf and feel your life be changed forever.
Nossa Company

There’s an independence to surfing, it’s just you and the ocean. There aren’t a bunch of rules.
Lee Clow

One thing you learn from surfing is how to operate in the present. It’s really what the surfing experience is all about.
Gerry Lopez

There is wisdom in waves. Some surfers see it right away, others never do. To find success in surfing, we must learn to be in harmony with nature. This will bring a sense of peace. By sharing this peace, and contributing to other people’s happiness, we can find the true meaning of life. Keep surfing . . .
Gerry Lopez

Surfing is good for the soul, worries seems to drift away as you scan the horizon for the next wave.
Ed Daley

Surfing is like life. Every wave and every day are different.

For a surfer, the fluidity of the ocean — of being in it — is what matters.
Alan ‘Fuz’ Bleakley

I still feel like my best surfing is ahead of me.
Kelly Slater

Surfing gets your soul, once you feel the wave lift you up and thrust you forward you begin to realise how powerful but beautiful mother nature is and how vast the universe really is, this cant help but smile on your face in absolute awe of how beautiful it is to have participated in life.
Fisher Cannon

Surfing is like golf: You’re always battling, and it keeps knocking you down. There are a lot of wipeouts. But when you stay with it and catch that wave, you really taste it. It’s magic.
Dennis Quaid

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