В поисках санта лапуса цитаты

В поисках Санта Лапуса (The Search for Santa Paws)

Мы с тобой теперь будем дружить целую вечность.

— А что именно мне придется здесь делать?
— Работать Сантой.

Возраст для веры не помеха.

Эй, так приличные собаки не поступают!

Дух Рождества воплощен в биении детских сердец.

Я не знаю, настоящий я Санта Клаус или нет.

Я купил все, что смог.

Мы не будем стоять здесь, сложа лапы! За ними, парни!

Он нужен всем детям планеты. Вы можете представить мир без Санта Клауса?

Очнись, Санта, мы собирались целую вечность быть друзьями!

Только волшебная рождественская сосулька может спасти Лапуса.

Что может быть чудесней, чем возможность окружить детей любовью и заботой? Ведь поэтому мы и празднуем Рождество.

Веселого Рождества вашему дому!

В поисках Санта Лапуса

В поисках Санта Лапуса


  • Willamina: What’s that?
  • Quinn: My mom’s favorite Christmas decoration from when she was a little girl. We used to hang it on the tree together.
  • Willamina: It’s nice. Don’t let Ms. Stout see it, OK?
  • Ms. Stout: Don’t let Ms. Stout see what?
  • Willamina: Nothing.
  • Ms. Stout: What are my rules about toys?
  • Janie: Hey, that’s mine!,
  • Ms. Stout: Not anymore!
  • Janie: Please! You can’t just…
  • Ms. Stout: [snatches doll from Janie’s hands] Watch me! I’ve got some errands to run. Will, you’re in charge. And the rest of you had better be fast asleep by the time I get back.
  • Mrs. Claus: [about the magic fading] My goodness.
  • Santa Claus: I was afraid of this. With Christmas coming so soon, the icicle just doesn’t have enough magic to spare. I never thought I’d have such a friend.
  • Ms. Stout: What is going on in here? Willamina, who brought a puppy in here?
  • Quinn: It was me, Ms. Stout. I found Paws.
  • Ms. Stout: Nice try, Quinn, but I don’t believe you. Don’t think I don’t know who the ringleader of this circus is. Willamina, come with me!
  • [sees Paws’ magic crystal]
  • Ms. Stout: Well, that’s a pretty gem.
  • [takes crystal out of Paws’ collar]
  • Paws: No, don’t! Not my crystal!
  • Ms. Stout: [she picks up Paws] And the rest of you, clean up this mess and take off those ridiculous dresses, now!
  • Eli: Eddy, without Santa’s magic crystal, he could become mortal.
  • Paws: Only kids that truly believe in Christmas spirit can hear me talk.
  • Willamina: [to Quinn] What are you doing out here? You better get in here. It’s almost lights out!
  • Santa Claus: My goodness! I guess he’s going to need a name!
  • Mrs. Claus: He is yours to name, dear.
  • Santa Claus: I think I’m going to name you Paws.
  • [chuckles]
  • Santa Claus: You and I are going to be best friends for all eternity.
  • Paws: Eternity? How long is that?
  • Santa Claus: Why, forever, young pup!
  • Ms. Stout: I think it’s time we show Quinn the consequences of breaking the rules. Inside! Willamina knows that when you break the rules, you get to spend all night down here in the basement.
  • [she takes Quinn to show her the incinerator]
  • Ms. Stout: You don’t wanna be locked down here all night, do you?
  • [Quinn shakes her head no]
  • Ms. Stout: Well, good. I’m glad we understand each other.
  • [to Willamina]
  • Ms. Stout: You’re staying here, and no dinner for you, either.
  • Santa Claus: Paws? Paws, you’re back! But how?
  • Mrs. Claus: It was your love for each other and Christmas magic!
  • Santa Paws: Santa, what happened to me?
  • Santa Claus: You’re no longer a pup. From now on your name will be Santa Paws!
  • Santa Paws: Now we really can be best friends for all eternity, Santa Claus.
  • Kate Huckle: Is he gonna be OK?
  • [Eli shakes his head no]
  • Quinn: Is Santa going to die?
  • Kate Huckle: We don’t know, sweetie.
  • Willamina: [sobbing] He has to make it.
  • Paws: Eli? Take my crystal off and place it next to Santa’s.
  • Eli: Paws, if you do that, we might not be able to bring you back a second time.
  • Eddy the Elf Dog: And you may become a stuffed toy forever.
  • Paws: We have no choice. All the children around the world need him. Can you imagine a world without Santa Claus?
  • Willamina: Janie, where’s Ms. Stout?
  • Ms. Stout: Where have you been, missy?
  • Willamina: I was just playing in the alley.
  • Willamina: This is the living room.
  • Quinn: But where’s the Christmas tree?
  • Willamina: Ms. Stout can’t stand Christmas, so none of us are allowed to have it. No merriness, no festivity. She confiscates any toys. And most of all, she hates any kind of singing.
  • Quinn: Where are you going?
  • Willamina: Who says I’m going anywhere?
  • Quinn: Can I come?
  • Willamina: Ok, but we have to hurry.
  • Ms. Stout: What is that, a Christmas decoration?
  • [snatches ornament out of Quinn’s hands]
  • Quinn: No!
  • Ms. Stout: [scoffs] What are my rules about Christmas decorations?
  • Quinn: My mom gave that to me! Please give it back!
  • Ms. Stout: No! Now, get upstairs before you end up in the basement, too!
  • [Quinn heads her way up and stops for a second]
  • Ms. Stout: Scoot!

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  • 30. «Санта Лапус – это тот, кто делает наши жизни лучше.»

Санта Лапус 2: Санта лапушки

Санта Лапус 2: Санта лапушки


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Санта Лапус 2: Санта лапушки (2012)

By what name was Санта Лапус 2: Санта лапушки (2012) officially released in India in English?


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The Search for Santa Paws


Анна МакРобертс
Пол Тэймеси


Кейтлин Мехер,

Мэдисон Петтис,

Ричард Рили,

Дэнни Вудберн,

Венди МакЛендон-Кови,

Джон Дьюси,

Бонни Соммервиль,

Крис Коппола,

Джонатан Морган Хейт,

Женевьев Ханнелиус

Санта Клаус получает очень необычный подарок – белого игрушечного щенка, которого Большая Рождественская Сосулька оживляет и превращает в настоящую собаку. Щенка назвали Санта Лапусом и теперь ему предстоит важная миссия – найти Санта Клауса, потерявшегося в Нью-Йорке и спасти праздник Рождества.

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